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Pros: "Flight attendants were excellent."

Cons: "Satisfied with flight. It was as expected."

Cons: "Nothing, really. Airlines unfortunately can’t make people patient or polite, & I can’t afford a private jet, so I’ll have to settle for an eye roll or twelve."

Pros: "Delayed boarding but made up for lost time in the air"

Cons: "Delayed boarding"

Pros: "Everything"

Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "No mechanical failures or delays would be nice"

Cons: "The inoperative TV screens should be repaired."

Cons: "Better flight scheduling."

Cons: "Wonderful"

Pros: "Flight was on time. Crew was jovial and very pleasant. Smiles all around. Flight attendant at the very beginning said, "Welcome to flight --- to Bahamas. . . just kidding." It made people chuckle."

Cons: "Crew didn’t serve drinks/snacks; otherwise nice and short flight"

Pros: "The crew was nice, the flight was so short, there was little interaction with them."

Cons: "Boarding was a disaster, people didn’t have seats which caused a delay in boarding. It was a mess. The seats were uncomfortable and too small. I know it’s a short flight but it was just too tight in there. The flight was delayed and the communication was all over; the time was constantly changin"

Pros: "Crew was friendly"

Cons: "An hour and a half late, terrible communication about scheduling"

Pros: "The crew was so lovely and accommodating, flight was smooth, and I was impressed with the meal service. I travel a lot and this was one of my best experiences. I will definitely favor Delta in the future."

Pros: "room and services"

Cons: "can't think of anything"

Cons: "Even the baggage was quick (highly unusual for Columbus, Ohio)! Everything went smoothly."

Pros: "nice crew"

Cons: "terrible seat comfort, late departure due to airline’s booking problems"

Cons: "Delays due to Democrats not making deal"

Pros: "Lisa @ the Boston Delta check-in counter is AMAZING! She's super helpful and essentially saved our vacation! Her coworkers say she's the best and I couldn't agree more! Delta is very lucky to have someone like Lisa on their team!"

Cons: "Nothing to complain about! If I really head to be picky maybe the in-flight meals were smaller than I expected. But again, nothing that bothered me"

Pros: "Arrived ahead of time"

Pros: "Early warning about little overhead compartment baggage space. Short flight made shorter in air."

Cons: "No enough carry on baggage space"

Cons: "they let someone get off the plane and it delayed the flight an hour and a half which caused me to miss my connecting flight. I now have to sit for a 5 hour layover"

Pros: "wonderfu crew... very helpul`"

Cons: ".."

Cons: "My sit changed last minute, noisy babies"

Pros: "The cheese bites were amazing!"

Cons: "The heat on the plane was turned up so high! We were roasting on there! I mentioned it to the flight attendant and he didn't seem to do anything. Everyone was sweating to death."

Cons: "My luggage is lost."

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "Flight was horrible"

Pros: "Good service. And good features. Enough space in seats in first class."

Pros: "Got to London on-time (early, actually) and safely. The in flight meal was okay. The leg room in comfort plus was great, the mobile app was awesome, and the staff (check-in, gate, cabin and flight deck) were professional and friendly all around."

Cons: "The leg room was great, but as a broad-shouldered guy, the width of the seat was miserable. Unfortunately, the Delta 767 doesn't offer any upgrade for a wider seat beyond Delta One, and my employer won't spring for that. Too bad there isn't a premium economy option. Also, the entertainment unit in the seat next to mine malfunctioned, which you wouldn't think would impact me that much except that because it was "seeing" touches randomly throughout the flight, the screen would turn on, off, brighter, dimmer, play random stuff, and just generally be as annoying as possible to everyone nearby throughout an overnight flight."

Cons: "Flight delayed by 2 hours- was just sitting in the plane for couple hours before it took away"

Pros: "A3A"

Cons: "Ĺ"

Pros: "Super nice flight attendant. Really made all of us (business travelers, retired military folks, family with little kids heading to a wedding) feel welcomed and happy. Great experience."

Pros: "Everything except the time of arrival."

Cons: "It was SO late; like 3 hours late."

Cons: "insufficient overhead luggage space"

Pros: "We were in the plane for 3 hours before we could depart. No one offered us a drink or snack."

Pros: "Great service throughout. Friendly attendants and easy boarding/deboarding processes. Would fly international with them again in a heart beat."

Pros: "The selection of movies to watch was very good."

Cons: "No snacks passed out"

Pros: "All the staff and flight crew we're really great and thoughtful. Helpful with finding overhead compartments on a full flight."

Cons: "Seats could be bigger, with more leg room. But we know that's not gonna happen."

Pros: "We didn’t order food and there was no online entertainment"

Cons: "Delayed for 4 hours due to mechanical difficulties"

Pros: "Entertainment"

Cons: "Late flight without any compensation for our trouble"

Pros: "Nice people. Very helpful."

Cons: "LOST MY BAG IN BOSTON BEFORE EVEN TAKING OFF!!!! Did not make it, and then won't deliver it when it makes it to Kathmandu! This is most distressing."

Pros: "Movies"

Cons: "Not supplying headphones Crew not to helpful, one unpolite Refreshments ridiculous"

Pros: "I was thankful for the early boarding with a lap infant and was very pleased with the options for entertainment on the TV monitor."

Cons: "The main issue I had was that we sat in row 34 and the noise from the engines often made it difficult to hear announcements, even with headphones in. Look into possibly zoning the audio and turning it up a click or two for rows behind the engines."

Cons: "Jet airways sucks"

Cons: "The flight crew and staff were all great!"

Pros: "The only positive of this leg is that it was less infuriating than the flight from RDU to Boston"

Cons: "Delta's partnership with Go Jet seriously compromises the legacy carrier's reputation. I am a Delta fan - although flexible enough to use other choices when necessary. I will no longer fly a Go Jet operated leg when other choices are available. For my trips to Boston, that means Jet Blue. Sorry Delta. I'll see you back on a true Delta route."

Pros: "Entertainment offered, USB charging options."

Cons: "Too much food offered."

Cons: "Not having a seat assignment until arriving at the gate."

Pros: "The entertainment system worked well and was able to keep my phone charged."

Cons: "It's very cramped seating. They started boarding by rows but then gave up. Crew are nice."

Late arrival flight arrived in BWI and I missed connecting flight in CLT to mobile. I had to wait 6.5 hours for next flight.

Cons: "Every seat sold. No social distancing. Mask rule not enforced."

Pros: "Flight was super short."

Cons: "Flight attendant stated that phones couldn’t be used for the duration of the flight; even in airplane mode The gate and terminal changed at least 5 separate times before boarding."

Pros: "Crew was nice, especially the AE crew"

Cons: "No delays, there were 4, communication via text was nice, but a reason why so many delays would’ve been nice"

Cons: "My inflight entertainment wouldnt work."

Cons: "Lots of delays and sometimes confusing communications from the airlines about departure times."

Pros: "Crew"

Cons: "Be on time"

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "You were late per usual. I wouldn’t have a job if I operated like you. It would be nice if there was some accountability"

Pros: "Crew fine. Plane ok. Legroom better than usual."

Cons: "Re-routed mid flight and forced delays. AA has been awful all holiday weekend."

Pros: "New plane"

Cons: "Boarding, no gate changes, no flight delays"

Pros: "Service was American average. Not necessarily a good thing, but it could have been worse."

Cons: "Seats with more leg room required for people over 6' tall."

Pros: "Everything"

Cons: "Excellent"

Pros: "Game of Throne as a boxset"

Cons: "if my return flight was by AA rather than another operator"

Pros: "The flight crew was pleasant!!!"

Cons: "When I made the reservation the code indicated that we would be able to purchase food on the flight. When I asked, the flight attendant said, nope, only choice is a pack of two cookies. We were starving on the 3.5 hour flight."

Pros: "Very helpful crew."

Cons: "Too often the video screen I’m given doesn’t charge up and it has to be replaced mid flight. This happened again during this flight when 2 screens didn’t charge and had to be replaced before the movie ended. The crew was helpful, but this problem is annoying."

Cons: "No personal entertainment for an international flight."

Pros: "Nice new 737-800 w/ comfy seats, but the plane was nearly 40 mins late due to previous flights."

Cons: "The flight was fine, just be on-time."

Pros: "Crew was very nice."

Cons: "WiFi was not gogo; entertainment system didn’t work - no audio. They rebooted it multiple times but it would not work. No compensation was offered and the entertainment in the app did not work either."

Pros: "It was ok. Got there safe and sound. That's what counts."

Cons: "N/A"

Cons: "Turbulence throughout the entire flight, couldnt sleep, and they didnt offer any snacks because of this"

Cons: "Flight was delayed & ultimately cancelled. Replacement flight required going to another airport. That flight too was delayed putting at risk our ability to make the BA flight to Lisbon. Therefore, we took AA flight to JFK and a TAP flight to Lisbon.did not take this flight."

Pros: "Once we boarded in philly"

Cons: "The amount of time on the ground"

Pros: "Crew"

Cons: "Delays departing delays connecting delays delays delays. Flight attendants were very pleasant."

Pros: "Flight was on time and not cancelled."

Cons: "AA does not consider USPHS Officers as military despite beer mg defines as such in the Servicemember Civil Relief Act. All to make a dollar."

Pros: "Great and safe"

Pros: "One of the flight attendants was nice."

Cons: "AA is now trying to save money (presumably) by doing like Delta: forcing half of us to connect in Charlotte. Unfortunately, the Charlotte airport is not ready to accommodate so many people. The airport looks like it is being renovated, which is fine, but there is no tape/cones to mark off the renovated areas from the walkways. You literally walk through dirt and construction sites. I didn't even think that was legal in the US?! Anyway, maybe it will be worth it once the renovations are complete, especially if AA is going to use it as a hub."

Pros: "Nothing special"

Cons: "BWI check-in crew is not friendly, not related to Japan Airline."

Pros: "Not at all"

Cons: "I made the reservation without knowing that Americans airlines has a boarding number 9 where you are NOT allowed any carry on. Awful lesson. You are given the worst seat and you cannot store any thing in the overhead compartment. Or there make you pay $60.."

Pros: "Not a thing plans got changed I had back surgery"

Cons: "That my plans got changed"

Pros: "Boarding was fast and smooth. The flight was great, seat was comfortable."

Pros: "The boarding process was quick and efficient."

Cons: "This plane did not feature TV at your seat. Only the overhead TV"

Cons: "For some reason they changed my seat."

Cons: "Inadequate overhead baggage space."

Pros: "Comfortable and smooth"

Cons: "N/A"

Pros: "Very nice in flight staff"

Cons: "Flight was cancelled and we were never notified!"

Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Puntuality in both fly's"

Cons: "More options with first class food"

Cons: "Plane was delayed due to a mechanical in Charlotte (Old USAir Airbus) then ground stop due to weather after it finally got to Baltimore. Loaded us up and then deplaned us. They brought out water and sodas while we waited. Then reboarded and got into Charlotte about three hours late. Lots of very unhappy people. They passed out 800 numbers to rebook. A lot of people missed connections."

Pros: "Wonderful"

Cons: "Great"

Pros: "Crew was as communicative as possible about the delay process. Answered questions and suggested solutions for travelers who were affected by the delay."

Cons: "The maintenance crew delayed the flight by over an hour because they were not able to get a technician to the plane until an hour after the scheduled takeoff time."

Pros: "I didn't fly through Charlotte on my way home. I went through Philadelphia which was shorter."

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "Everything"

Pros: "Everything was perfect."

Cons: "."

Pros: "The flight was cancelled and they refused to pay for my hotel and food. They finally paid for the hotel but not food."

Pros: "Ended up leaving earlier than scheduled."

Cons: "American Airlines holding open seats until right before the flight leaves."

Cons: "Diverted to OKC due to weather in Dallas, missed connecting flight and they couldn't get us on the last flight out"

Pros: "I'm completely satisfied"

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