Citi's huge MD list includes two women on this key trading desk (2023)

Citi has announced its new list of managing directors. The full list, which includes 331 people from across the bank, is below. The titles have been handed out generously this year: in 2021, Citi made only 306 MDs; in 2020 it made 241.

As Bloomberg has observed, this year's Citi list seems predictably skewed towards the global markets (sales and trading) business, which has done best this year. 52 people in global markets received the title, compared to 34 in banking and capital markets, 29 in risk management, and around 22 in technology.

Women make up a third of Citi's latest promotions, which is impressive given their comparative absence from the list of new MDs at Barclays.

The women on the Citi list include various senior people in the markets division, an area of banking where women have historically been less prolific.

There's:Stephanie Dubray, the Paris-based head of credit sales for French-speaking countries, who joined from SocGen in 2015;Kelly Sowers, the New York-based head of multi-product fixed income sales; and Jenny Ping, the co-head of new energy research who's been with the bank for six years.Heather Masciotti, a relationship manager in global markets, only joined from JPMorgan in February 2022.

Unusually, two women have been promoted on a single desk - suggesting that it may have been a profitable year. They areLucy Zhang andJosie Evans, both of whom work together on the highly quantitative credit valuation adjustement (CVA) trading desk in London.CVA trading is fundamentally an internal function which aggregates and hedges against risk taken by other desks.

This year's Citi MD promotions also include names likeJaiganesh Balasubramanian, the head of market risk technology,Ivo Dimitrov, a credit trader hired from Goldman Sachs in 2017, andJawad Koradia, the global head of local markets STIRT at Citi, who came back to the bank after a spell on the buy-side.Atle Birkeland, who just made MD in global markets had worked at the bank for three decades.

Managing directors in Citi's global markets business are paid salaries alone of $400k-$500k in New York, according to figures filed for recipients of H1B visas.

Citigroup MD list 2022

Hasan Abdel-Hafiz, EO&T

Karl Abdelnour, Global Markets

Sunil Abraham, BCMA

Ram Acharya, APAC LF

Francisco Tomas Acosta Alvarez, Mexico LF

Ken Aina, Global Markets

Ali Akram, BCMA

Raul Aldrey, PBWM Technology

Claudio Alfasso, BCMA

Belinda Aliu, Internal Audit

Sara Angrist, TTS

Aziz Anwar, ICM

Krishen Appasawmy, CAO

Luis Aragon, BCMA

Ian Armstrong, BCMA

Pam Armstrong, CAO

Alexander Aronov, ICRM

Roger Ashworth, Global Markets

Luis Asturizaga, ICG CAO

Amit Babbar, Risk Management

David Bailey, Global Markets

Jaiganesh Balasubramanian, ICG Technology -

Michele Balco, PBWM Technology

Sumit Banerjee, Risk Management

Fabio Barbera, BCMA

Michael Barry, Internal Audit

Jayeeta Basu, Internal Audit

Mohit Baweja, TTS

Noraily Bello, TTS

Jose Alberto Benamor, Citi Commercial Bank

Kamal Benkabbou, Global Markets

Sapha Benkreira, Global Markets

Blake Best, BCMA

Atle Birkeland, Global Markets

Magnus Blix, Risk Management

John Booth, Global Markets

Larry Brignati, Human Resources

Emre Bulbul, Risk Management

Jonathan Burke, ICRM

Robert Bush, US Personal Banking

Margo Campbell, Global Markets

Jenaz Canteenwala, Regional Management

Richard Cea, Citi Global Wealth

Nilanjan Chakraborty, Risk Management

Shatadru Chakraborty, India LF

Rajarshi Chakraborty, Regional Management

Caroline Chan, Securities Services

Tina Cheng, Citi Global Wealth

Vivian Cheng, TTS

Amit Chhawchharia, Global Markets

Rosario Chiarenza, ICG CAO

Yaseen Choudhury, BCMA

Lorcan Cleary, Global Markets - Commodities Trading

Tim Colangelo, EO&T

Ingrid Collazo, Securities Services

Caio Cesar Correa, Risk Management

Scott Coulson, BCMA

Sarah Courtney, Citi Global Wealth

Trish Culberson, US Personal Banking

Douglas Cypel, Global Markets

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Brian Daoust, Global Markets

Gareth David, Internal Audit

John Davis, TTS

Svetlana Davnis, Legal

Fleur de Koning, CAO

Bill De Pietto, PBWM Technology

Prashan De Silva, ICG Technology

Robyn Delfierro, Citi Global Wealth

Sharmila Deonarine, EO&T

Mike Dickson, Financing and Securitization

Nicholas Diieso, Risk Management

Ivo Dimitrov, Global Markets

Christine Discola, Human Resources

Kelly Dolan Saverino, CAO

Marius Dorner, BCMA

Stephanie Dubray, Global Markets

Art Durdag, ICM

Ryan Eckert, Global Markets

Jennifer Edmonds, BCMA

Chris Edwards, Global Markets Corporate FX Sales at Citi

Frank Edwards, ICRM

Omar ElDuraie, BCMA

Enrique Elias Calles Cantu, Mexico LF

Thomas Ellerton, Global Markets

Sergio Ems, Internal Audit

Boris Espinoza, Citi Global Wealth

Stephen Eustace, Risk Management

Josie Evans, Global Markets

Arianna Faucetta, Citi Global Wealth

Maria Soledad Fernandez Unanue, ICG Operations

Joe Fiore, EO&T

Audra Fleming, Human Resources

Nancy Flint, ICG Research

Juan Diego Forero, Risk Management

Peter Fox, Human Resources

Pedro Freixas Rodriguez, Mexico LF

John Frezoulis, Risk Management

Maria Celia Garcia Alvarez, Mexico LF

Jon Gezotis, Securities Services

Anoop Ghai, CCO & Citi Global Wealth

Rima Ghose, TTS

Dominic Giannangeli, US Personal Banking

Lisa Giordanella, US Personal Banking

Ingrid Giordano, Human Resources

Patricia Giraldo, ICRM

James Goldberg, Financing and Securitization

Bonnie Goldblatt, ICRM

Gordon Grant, ICG Operations

Malu Gregorio, Securities Services

James Grimes, Citi Global Wealth

Jack Groom, BCMA

Mayank Gupta, TTS

Julio Gurdian, Legal

Luke Hadzima, Citi Global Wealth

Bassel Hamzeh, Citi Global Wealth

Amit Harchandani, Global Markets

Sebastian Haurigot, TTS

Jaime Healy-Waters, ICG Operations

Robert Hearn, Citi Global Wealth

Rachelle Herman, Global Markets

Kimberly Hitter, ICRM

Brian Horgan, ICG Operations

Andy Howarth, Global Markets

Allan Hu, BCMA

Christopher Hurley, Citi Global Wealth

Dwayne Isaac, Citi Global Wealth

Ilan Jacobs, ESPA

Payal Jain, ICG Technology

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Rishi Jalan, BCMA

Niral Jhaveri, ICG Technology

Liz John, TTS

Richard Jones, BCMA

Chloe Jones, BCMA

Jason Jun, BCMA

Antonio Junqueira, Global Markets

Shiv Kak, BCMA

Ali Karshan, Legal

Kristjan Kasikov, Global Markets

Carmen Kelleher, BCMA

Sarah Kerner, Legal

Kelly King, US Personal Banking

Mike King, TTS

Lisa Jayne Klaver, Citi Global Wealth

Jawad Koradia, Global Markets

Helmut Kornberg, ICG Operations

Donald Krapp, Risk Management

Barry Krinsky, Financing and Securitization

Justyna Kroplewska, Human Resources

David Krueggeler, Risk Management

Sebastian Kucharek, TTS

Howard Kuhn, TTS

Pedro Lami, BCMA

Paulo Larumbe, Finance

Melissa Lask, Human Resources

Upaasna Laungani, Risk Management

Grace Lee, Legal

Peter Lee, Global Markets

Paul Lee, Risk Management

Michael Leonard, BCMA

Giovanni Leone, BCMA

Mario Lewis, ICG CAO

Priscilla Lima, Citi Global Wealth

Yan Liu, EO&T

Wendy Lofgren, Risk Management

Aileen Long, Risk Management

Christopher Long, ICG Technology

Keith Ludwig, Finance

John Lung, Citi Global Wealth

Yi (Erica) Luo, Mexico LF

Rishi Luthria, TTS

Nick Machen, Finance

Slawek Maciura, Global Markets

Stephen Mackenzie, Legal

Iain Maclean, ICG Technology

Fateh Madani, Global Markets

Gennadiy Makovoz, ICG Technology

Guilherme Mancin, Human Resources

Dov Mandel, Finance

Maureen Maroney, BCMA

Arnoldo Leobardo Marquez Romero, Mexico LF

Catherine Martin, ICG Business Development

Heather Masciotti, Global Markets

Andrew Mason, BCMA

Tracy McCaffrey, PBWM Ops & Fraud Prevention

Eric McDowell, ICG Operations

Tom McGuire, Citi Global Wealth

Jatin Merchant, BCMA

Katie Meyers, Financing and Securitization

Yael Michaeli, EO&T

Marcela Mihanovich, Human Resources

Diana Miller, Legal

Sarah Miller, Internal Audit

Scott Millevoi, ESPA

Peter Mills, ICG Operations

Alexis Minasian, PBWM CAO

Erin Miner, Human Resources

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Jason Mitchell, ICG Operations

Steve Morse, US Personal Banking

Hiten Motipara, Global Markets

Maureen Munroe, Citi Global Wealth

Johanna Mussche, Citi Global Wealth

Jenny Mustazza, ICG Technology

Shanthi Naathan, Global Markets

Shreejesh Sukumaran Nair, Risk Management

Gaurav Nanda, Global Markets

Mohit Narula, TTS

Ruben Navarrete Enciso, Mexico LF

Jorge Neira, TTS

Nelya Nikonova, Citi Global Wealth

Vinny Nocerino, Financing and Securitization

Luiz Ocko, Internal Audit

Binnur Odabasi, Global Markets

Cilian O’Gogain, Securities Services

Tim Olah, US Personal Banking

Angie Orozco, Internal Audit

Niamh O’Sullivan, ICG Technology

James Palmer, Regional Management

Jianyu Pan, ICG Technology

Ray Panday, Finance

Nishith Parashar, Risk Management

Rishi Patel, TTS

Vighanesh Sudhakar Patil, Risk Management

Joanne Payne, ICG Operations

Siew Pin Peh, ICG Operations

Ken Peng, Citi Global Wealth

Elena Perceleanu, Finance

Jose Perez, PBWM Technology

Andy Pfaff, ICRM

William Phelan, ICG FRM

Shirley Pi, Citi Global Wealth

Richard Pigott, Finance

Surita Pines, Internal Audit

Jenny Ping, Global Markets-

Pati Pistelli, Risk Management

Simon Polzmann, Human Resources

Jonathon Potter, ICRM

Joanne Preston, Citi Commercial Bank

Rohit Pushp, ICG Operations

Juan Pablo Quiroz, Citi Global Wealth

Khalid Raad, Citi Global Wealth

Sofia Rahman, Legal

Amit Rai, ICG Technology

Vinod Rajaram, ICG Technology

Priya Rajendran, ICG Technology

Baskar Ramachandran, Global Markets

Vijay Ramjothi, Global Markets

Christian Read, Global Markets

Kate Reilly, Internal Audit

Gorana Renovica, BCMA

Lisa Riordan, Risk Management

Matthew Robinson, ICG Technology

Lisa Robinson, EO&T

Gabe Rodriguez, Human Resources

Gerardo Rodriguez, Citi Commercial Bank

John Rowland, Risk Management

David Roy, Global Markets

Diptaneal Roy, ICG Technology

Koyena Roy Choudhury, Risk Management

William Rupp, EO&T

Ameya Sakhalkar, Citi Commercial Bank

Håvard Sandvik, Global Markets

Samantha Santos, Human Resources

Diego Santoyo Lopez, Global Markets

Michel Sawaya, CCO

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Akshay Saxena, Global Markets

Jon Sellman, ESPA

Forhana Senatilleke, ICM

Abhishek Seth, PBWM Technology

Shekhar Shah, Financing and Securitization

Rakhee Shah, ICG Technology

Abhishek Kumar Sharma, ICG Technology

Gigi Shen, Global Markets

Beth Shirey, CAO

Sumeet Singal, BCMA

Chetna Singh, Risk Management

Harlin Singh, Citi Global Wealth

Abhishek Singhal, BCMA

Jennifer Smith, ICRM

Timothy Soldani, Legal

Nancy Sommer, Legal

Kelly Sowers, Global Markets Head of Multi-Product Fixed Income Sales at Citi

Florencia Spangaro, ESPA

Francis Stannage, Citi Global Wealth

Sam Steer, ICG FRM

Michael Stein, Citi Global Wealth

Dan Stern, TTS

Bobbi Sullivan, EO&T

Ashutosh Sureka, PBWM Technology

Ken Swiss, Global Markets

Yuki Tanoue, Global Markets

Mauricio Tarazona, TTS

Rohan Tawadey, Global Markets

Johanny Tejada, ICG Client Analytics

Jordan Termine, BCMA

Steve Tobkin, Global Markets

TJ Treadwell, Global Markets

Stephen Trent, Global Markets

Grace Tse, Citi Global Wealth

Cho Hao Tseng, Citi Commercial Bank

Jon Tulman, Global Markets

Emre Umut, TTS

Mihir Unadkat, BCMA

Jason Varghese, Human Resources

Cliff Vaz, BCMA

Ary Velasco, Citi Global Wealth

Naveen Velayutham Selvaraj, Risk Management

Peggy Vena, Securities Services

Srini Venkataramani, Regional Management

Anand Venkatesan, Internal Audit

Anuja Verma, Risk Management

Rohit Verma, Financing and Securitization

Kumar Vetriselvan, EO&T

Anuj Vivek, Global Markets

Dale Walsh, Citi Global Wealth

Subhir Wanchoo, Risk Management

Diarmuid Whyte, Regional Management

Andrzej Wilk, Poland LF

Greggory Williams, PBWM Technology

Dean Wilson, TTS

Andres Wolberg-Stok, EO&T

Sue-Wei Wong, Citi Global Wealth

Nikki Wright, Human Resources

Karen Valencia Wright, ESPA

Eugene Yermash, BCMA

Hyo-Yeon Yoon, Legal

Kristen Young, BCMA

Ali Youssef, Risk Management

Saule Zhakayeva, CCO

Lucy Zhang, Global Markets

Shidong Zheng, Risk Management

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