IDrive business cloud storage review (2023)

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IDrive offers lots of excellent backup features and a strong security infrastructure, which makes it an appealing, good-value option for businesses.


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    End-to-end encryption available

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    Good value for money

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    Lots of backup options


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    No unlimited storage

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    Only basic 2FA login protection

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If you’re currently exploring the best cloud storage (opens in new tab) solutions for your business, then you might be interested in IDrive (opens in new tab)―a leading, feature-filled service that has reasonable prices and caters to teams of all sizes.

In this IDrive review, we discuss all things IDrive―from its features and usability to its prices, plans, and performance. Plus, we compare it against its closest competitors, so you can decide if it’s the best choice for your business.

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Get 10TB cloud storage for $3.98 for the first year (opens in new tab)
For a limited time only, IDrive (opens in new tab) is offering its 10TB personal cloud storage plan for only $3.98 (for the first year)! This plan includes multi-device backup for one user; the IDrive Snapshot file-versioning tool; and the IDrive Express physical storage feature.

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IDrive: Plans and pricing

IDrive business cloud storage review (2)

For businesses, IDrive offers three main plans (opens in new tab): Team, Business, and Enterprise. At the time of writing, you can get up to 50% off paid plans for a limited time. Overall, we think IDrive’s prices are good value, and its plans offer an extensive range of features and storage sizes.

The Team plan is the smallest option for businesses. Starting from $99.50 a year (currently reduced to $74.62), you receive up to 5TB and can include up to five users and devices. If you need more, you can choose from three other Team packages that accommodate 10, 25, and 50 users/devices and provide 10TB, 25TB, and 50TB, respectively. If you want the 50TB bundle, it costs $999.50 a year (currently reduced to $749.62).

The Business plan accommodates unlimited users, devices, and servers, and offers a large array of yearly and monthly packages. Taking the yearly pricing options, you can choose between eight different storage sizes: the smallest is 250GB at $99.50 a year (currently reduced to $74.62), and the largest is 50TB at $11,599.50 a year (currently reduced to $8,699.62).

If you have more complex requirements, the Enterprise plan (opens in new tab) is your best option. After you complete an online request form, the IDrive team can advise you on specific pricing information, and give you a quote.

IDrive: Features

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You can certainly rely on IDrive to provide several good-quality storage and backup features for your business.

With both the Team and Business plans, you can back up multiple devices (like PCs, Macs, and iPhones) from a single IDrive account, as well as schedule regular backups, sync files in real-time, and back up to external drives. Moreover, every time a file is amended, IDrive automatically backs it up.

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Another valuable feature is the web-based Dashboard console―a central place from which the account manager can remotely add users, monitor all user and backup activities, and install new IDrive updates, among other things.

IDrive provides extensive backup cover for data held on various third-party cloud servers―including Microsoft 365, Oracle, Linux, SharePoint, Exchange Server, and MSSQL, plus others. This type of backup can be easily initiated by selecting "Server Backup" on the IDrive interface panel.

IDrive also boasts solid anti-ransomware functionality, which is best demonstrated by the Snapshots feature. This allows you to save up to 30 versions of your selected files from across your backup timeline.

As an extra measure, you can use IDrive Express to back up data files onto a hard drive, which is then physically mailed to your chosen address. Do note, however, that this service is only available three times a year with the Team and Business plans.

IDrive: Interface and in use

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Installing and using IDrive’s app on your device (be it a computer or phone/tablet) is straightforward. IDrive is compatible with a variety of operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux.

IDrive’s interface on the desktop/mobile apps is clearly laid out, and can be intuitively navigated. The menu column on the left enables you to easily access IDrive’s functions―such as manual and scheduled backups, cross-device syncing, and file restoration―all of which performed smoothly when we tested them.

IDrive: Support

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The IDrive website has a large FAQs page, which covers a variety of topics―from basic functions to unique features. There are also several video tutorials available, all of which help you to navigate the IDrive interface and use its features.

Furthermore, you can contact the IDrive team directly via an online chat box, or you can fill out/send a Support Form on the website’s Support page. Here, you’ll also find helplines for billing inquiries, sales, and general support. For Team or Business plan customers, technical support is available 24/7 via email, phone, and live chat.

IDrive: Security

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IDrive utilizes strong 256-bit AES encryption to ensure your backed up files are protected. When you first sign-up to IDrive, you can choose between creating your own private key or opting for a default one.

With a private key, your data remains end-to-end encrypted. However, you’ll be unable to share files and it’s up to you to archive the key safely; if you lose it, it’s not possible to retrieve your data.

If this sounds too much, you can opt for the default key instead, which is securely stored by IDrive and still offers good protection from most data breaching threats. Crucially, too, the default key enables you to retrieve your data.

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Besides encryption, we’re also glad to see optional two-step verification, even if it’s not the most secure type―a one-off code that’s sent to your registered email address.

Alternatives to IDrive

Cloud storage comparisons

IDrive vs Carbonite (opens in new tab)

Google Drive vs OneDrive (opens in new tab)

IDrive vs Backblaze (opens in new tab)

Google Drive vs Dropbox (opens in new tab)

IDrive vs Dropbox vs pCloud (opens in new tab)

OneDrive vs Dropbox vs Google Drive (opens in new tab)

IDrive generally compares well to other leading services like Google Drive (opens in new tab) and Dropbox (opens in new tab). Although Dropbox offers better file-sharing capabilities and unlimited storage (with its largest business plan), unlike IDrive, it fails to provide end-to-end encryption and backup solutions for external drives. For more information on business services, read our Dropbox Business review (opens in new tab) and our Drive Enterprise review (opens in new tab).

OneDrive (opens in new tab) matches IDrive for end-to-end encryption and integration with third-party platforms. However, its second plan offers unlimited storage to each user if you subscribe with a minimum of five users, which makes it a little more generous than IDrive’s graded Team and Business options. Read our OneDrive for Business review (opens in new tab) to learn more about the business element of the platform.

IDrive: Final verdict

Overall, IDrive offers reliable, wide-ranging cloud backup and storage solutions for businesses―from remote access to third-party platform integration. What’s more, the IDrive app/interface is user-friendly, compatible across many operating systems/devices, and secured by strong encryption.

Although IDrive’s plans don’t feature unlimited storage space, they nevertheless offer a variety of graded options that are feature-filled, good value for money, and accommodating to business teams of all sizes.

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Liam Barker

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2 CommentsComment from the forums

  • Angry.customer

    Stay away!
    I paid $7 for 5TB of backup and they charged me for more than $1,000 for what they claim to be overuse without any warning!
    After several session with iDrive support team they've finally admitted that there's a bug in their system that miscalculates the amount of data that's being backed up.
    Their billing team promised to refund me for the charge but I didn't get any refund and they're not responding to my Emails.
    Worst service I've ever experience!
    There are much better online backup services with much better support.


  • rgd1101

    If you paid with credit card. contact your credit card providers


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Is IDrive cloud storage good? ›

The Best Value in Backup Software

IDrive is an Editors' Choice winner for good reason. It's a complete backup service that uploads files quickly and offers a staggering amount of value. You won't find a better deal for backup software. Still, other applications may also be worth looking into, depending on your needs.

Is IDrive good for business? ›

IDrive Team is a good choice for small business cloud backup. It's got a solid feature set, end-to-end data encryption, and it handles both small offices and distributed workers or remote teams.

Is IDrive better than iCloud? ›

The Verdict — Winner: IDrive

IDrive lets you sync content across more platforms than iCloud Drive does, and it syncs faster than iCloud Drive thanks to block-level incremental file transfers.

Is IDrive safe and reliable? ›

Yes, IDrive is a secure service. When signing up for IDrive, you can choose to keep your encryption key private, which makes it impossible for the company to decrypt your files without you knowing.

What is better than IDrive? ›

Backblaze and Carbonite are the top two IDrive alternatives with unlimited storage. Acronis and SpiderOak are solid alternatives if you're willing to pay a premium. pCloud is a top cloud storage service with a decent backup tool.

Which is better Dropbox vs IDrive? ›

Dropbox is better if you need syncing features or third-party integration. IDrive has superior security, thanks to the zero-knowledge encryption. Dropbox customer support is slightly better, as they can be contacted later in the day.


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