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Alan & Gail Benson


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Alan and Gail opened the first Rockstars Of Tomorrow franchise in March, 2016. Their daughter, Sydney, started taking vocal lessons from Carla Boe at the original Norco studio in 2014. Shortly thereafter, Alan knew he wanted to become the first Rockstars franchisee. Alan and Gail’s combined talents have proven to be a perfect fit.

As a high school educator and lifelong musician, Alan has the skills and passion for motivating and leading the Rancho Cucamonga team. His experience teaching at-risk youth gives him the ability to reach students on their level. Alan is also a multi-instrumentalist. He plays drums, piano, trombone, harmonica, and sings leads and harmonies. His early experience in construction has proven to be extremely valuable in constructing the studio decor.

Gail’s career in graphic design, advertising, and marketing is the ideal accompaniment to Alan’s educational and musical background. She is responsible for the eclectic interior design of the studio and also manages the social media accounts for Rockstars Rancho. In 2018, she joined the Rockstars Of Tomorrow corporate team as Director of Marketing. She now uses her creative talents to help the entire Rockstars Of Tomorrow network. In addition, she is also a guitar student at the studio with the dream of keeping up with her musical family.

Alan and Gail have two daughters, Sydney and Charlotte. Sydney teaches at the Rancho Cucamonga studio. Charlotte is a drummer and vocalist like her dad. She plays drums for one of Rancho’s Rockstar Pro bands, Unscripted. She also is active in musical theater. Needless to say, Rockstars Rancho Cucamonga is family owned and family loved.

Lyndon Hamilton

Guitar • Bass • Piano/Keyboards • Drums • Voice • Live Performance • Recording/Audio Engineering

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Lyndon Hamilton began his musical journey when he was 13 years old by learning guitar as a student at Rockstars Of Tomorrow Norco. He then picked up a variety of other instruments. By the age of 14, he had already started playing with his own band. As he grew as a musician, he began playing at venues such as the House of Blues and Garden Grove Amphitheater. At age 16, he received his first drum endorsement from Excel Drumsticks. Since then he has evolved into a well-rounded musician.

Lyndon was hired at Rockstars of Tomorrow as soon as he turned 18, and quickly became a highly sought-after instructor. He is currently working on recording three singles with his band, IX Effect, which includes fellow Rockstars Of Tomorrow instructors Sydney Benson, Mark DeGonia, Matt Lusk and Dylan Clark. Lyndon is currently majoring in Psychology at California Baptist University.

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Sydney Benson

Voice • Piano/Keyboards • Bass • Ukulele • Music Camp Coach

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Sydney Benson has been playing music for the majority of her life. Starting with piano at age 8, she found herself bored with the old piano books she was learning out of. At age 10, she began taking vocal lessons at The Fender Center before becoming Carla Bosnake’s first vocal student at Rockstars Of Tomorrow at age 12.

Once at Rockstars, Sydney started to play the piano again and naturally picked up the bass, guitar, and ukulele. She has also been an active choir member since middle school. She was a member of the Madrigals honor choir at Encore High School for the Arts, one of the top 10 high school choirs in the state. She is currently studying Audio Engineering at Norco College.

Sydney played her first Rockstars of Tomorrow show in 2012, and since then has played at a variety of different venues such as Chain Reaction, House of Blues, the patio at Toyota Arena, and Disneyland. Her skill and reliability as a multi-instrumentalist has earned her a positive reputation within the Rockstars Of Tomorrow network. She currently plays bass and sings backup vocals with her band, IX Effect, which includes her fellow instructors Lyndon Hamilton, Matt Lusk and Dylan Clark.

Mark DeGonia

Guitar • Songwriting • Live Performance

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Mark DeGonia is an accomplished guitarist, performer, and composer across a variety of musical styles including hard rock, pop, blues, and classical. At age 13, he enrolled at Rockstars of Tomorrow Norco as one of CEO Michael Anderson’s personal students. Mark dedicated his guitar studies to furthering his technical and soloing abilities and to participate in live performances.

Mark was a long-time member of the prestigious All-Stars Christmas Show taught by current Norco instructors Jericho Law and Stevie Rohrman. He also performed at a variety of venues across SoCal including regular performances at Eastvale’s Picnic in the Park Festival and Universal City Walk. In 2017, Mark exited Rockstars Norco to take a teaching position at Rockstars Rancho and to pursue his undergraduate in Music Composition at Cal Poly Pomona.

In addition to his love of shred guitar, he has also picked up fluency in a variety of other disciplines including keyboards, vocals, drums, and music recording. His experiences at Rockstars of Tomorrow taught him about the importance of arranging for different instruments and musical styles, about clear and supportive communication, and about the importance of breaking out of your comfort zone to realize your goals. He currently plays guitar in IX Effect which includes fellow instructors Lyndon Hamilton, Sydney, Matt Lusk and Dylan Clark.

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Carla Bosnake

Voice, Piano/Keyboards, Theater, Dance, Live Performance

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Since the age of 5, Carla began singing and dancing at several professional dance studios. Along with vigorous training, as well as regular performance experience, she discovered how to truly connect with an audience directly through the pure forms of song and dance. She then went on to study music history and later attended Florida State University where she regularly performed with the FSU dance troupe both on and off campus.

For the past 13 years, Carla has been singing professionally in top notch musical acts such as Los Angeles’ leading powerhouse all-girl AC/DC tribute band, Girls Got Rhythm, and has performed with several prominent musical acts over the years including Guns & Roses’ Slash, and Stevie Ray Vaughn’s Double Trouble in places like House of Blues, The Roxy, The Troubadour and many others. Carla is currently the lead vocalist, emcee, and co-owner of her very own successful production company and corporate event band Undercover Live.

Whether you’re interested in rock, pop, Broadway, or just looking to brush up on your shower singing skills, Carla’s detailed eye for the power of performance will help you unleash your inner rockstar!

Mike Leuthold

Guitar • Bass • Piano/Keyboard • Voice • Beginning Drums • Live Performance

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Mike began playing guitar and bass at the age of 14; influenced by modern and classic rock as well as jazz and heavy metal. He was quickly inspired to learn the piano as well. After being self-taught for many years, Mike pursued an education in Harmony & Music Composition and acquired his AA in 2011, performing in both Choir and Latin Jazz. Since then he has played lead guitars in several heavy metal acts as well as performed at well known venues throughout the LA area.

Mike is currently focused on pursuing a BA in Music for Film Scoring. He is also co-writing music for two projects: his metal band Spawning Darkness, and an instrumental duo called Lunar Veil.

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Matt Lusk

Beginning - Advanced Drums

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Matt has been playing drums since 2009 and was the inspiration for fellow Rockstars Rancho instructor Lyndon Hamilton to learn to play the drums. While in school, Matt was a member of both honor and jazz band. Since then he has gained valuable performance experience playing numerous gigs with various bands throughout Southern California.

He continues to play and record music with his friends as well as his bandmates from IX Effect, fellow Rockstars instructors Lyndon Hamilton, Sydney Benson, Mark DeGonia and Dylan Clark.

Matt joined the Rancho Cucamonga team in early 2020. His wish is to learn and grow together with his students.

Avery Hemperly

Beginning - Advanced Guitar • Beginning Piano/Keyboards

Rancho Team - Rancho Cucamonga — Rockstars of Tomorrow (8)

Avery started his musical journey over 23 years ago in Boston, MA. Avery’s influences include early punk rock all the way back to ‘50s R&B, rockabilly, and pretty much everything in between. Guitarists such as Chuck Berry, Dick Dale, and Johnny Thunders shaped much of his playing.

Avery has played in several bands that have had airplay on various radio stations and has made several local television appearances. Much of his live and recorded work has been reviewed in many music publications. Avery has even played on some of the very same stages as many of his heroes.

Avery is well-versed in music theory and will show you the language of music in a fun and easy-to-understand way. He has shared his knowledge with the entire Rockstars of Tomorrow family through his online workshops that can be found in the “Expert Series Workshops” library.

Dylan Clark

Beginning - Advanced Guitar • Group Guitar

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Dylan started out his music career as a student at Rockstars Of Tomorrow Rancho Cucamonga. In addition to taking private lessons with Mark DeGonia, he participated in both of the JamCore and BandCore programs. Dylan joined the Rancho team in 2019. He currently plays guitar in the band, XI Effect, along with fellow instructors Lyndon Hamilton, Sydney Benson, Mark DeGonia and Matt Lusk.

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Karmel Neill


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Karmel joined the Rockstars Of Tomorrow Rancho Cucamonga family in February, 2016 when the studio was still under construction. Karmel immediately signed up her then 6 year old daughter, Emma, for vocal lessons and the Neill family quickly became Rockstars devotees and permanent fixtures around the studio. As they like to say, “We found our people.” Her husband, Jim, plays bass guitar. Their two daughters, Emma and Ella, were members of Rockstars Pro band, Unscripted, and have been active in Rockstar Theatre program.

Karmel joined the Rockstars Rancho staff in the summer of 2018. She holds down the fort at the front desk by managing the busy lesson and performance schedules - always with a smile on her face.

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