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2-318-320-13 (1)
This warranty is valid only in the United States.
Operating Instructions
Atrac CD Walkman
CD Player
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D-NE20/NE20LS.GB.2-318-320-13(1) D-NE20/NE20LS.GB.2-318-320-13(1)

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For the customers in the USA and Canada WARNING RECYCLING NICKEL METAL HYDRIDE To prevent fire or shock hazard, BATTERIES do not expose the unit to rain Nickel Metal Hydride batteries are recyclable. or moisture. You can help preserve our environment by returning your used rechargeable batteries to the collection and recycling Do not install the appliance in a confined location nearest you. space, such as a bookcase or built-in For more information regarding recycling of cabinet. recharg

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Table of Contents Create Your Own ATRAC CDs ....................4 Changing Sound Quality .......................... 24 Which discs can you play on this CD Selecting the sound quality ............................24 player? .................................................................... 5 Customizing sound quality .............................24 Precautions .......................................................7 SOUND items .....................................................25 On safety ..

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Create Your Own ATRAC CDs In addition to the usual audio CDs, you can play an original CD, called “ATRAC CD,” that you create with the supplied software, SonicStage. Using SonicStage, about 30 audio CDs* can be recorded on one CD-R or CD-RW. The following is a quick overview of how you listen to music on your ATRAC CD. Install SonicStage on your computer. SonicStage is software that takes music downloaded from audio CDs on your computer and creates original CDs. It can be installed from t

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Which discs can you play on this CD player? Audio CDs: CD-DA format CDs CD-DA (Compact Disc Digital Audio) is a recording standard used for Audio CDs. ATRAC CDs: CD-R/CD-RW on which audio data compressed in the ATRAC3plus format has been recorded by using SonicStage* ATRAC3plus (Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding3plus) is audio compression technology that satisfies the demand for high sound quality and high compression rates. ATRAC3plus can compress audio files to about 1/20 of their origin

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Music discs encoded with copyright Group MP3 protection technologies File This product is designed to play back discs that conform to the Compact Disc (CD) standard. Recently, various music discs encoded with copyright protection technologies are marketed by some record companies. Please be aware that among those discs, there are some that do not conform to the CD standard and may not be playable by this product. Difference in File structures of ATRAC CDs (Maximum directory levels:

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On headphones/earphones Precautions Road safety Do not use headphones/earphones while On safety driving, cycling, or operating any motorized • Should any solid objects or liquid fall into vehicle. It may create a traffic hazard and the CD player, unplug it and have it checked is illegal in some areas. It can also be by qualified personnel before operating it potentially dangerous to play your headsets any further. at high volume while walking, especially at • Do not put any foreign obje

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Getting Started To connect your earphones/headphones to the remote Checking the Supplied Connect the plug of your earphones/ Accessories headphones to the remote securely. • AC power adaptor • Charging stand (AC-ES3010K2) • External battery • Rechargeable battery To use the clip of the remote case with cover You can change the direction of the clip. Turn the clip as shown below. You can also reverse the direction of the track name, etc. ( page  26, 28). • Battery carrying • Carrying

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Getting Started  Terminals for the charging stand/external Guide to Parts and bettery case ( page 11, 14, 15)   Controls / buttons ( page 17)   CD Player:  (stop)/CHG button ( page 12, 17)  CD player Remote:  (stop) button ( page 17, 23, 25, 27) 1 2 3 4 5    (play/pause)* button ( page 16-18,  20, 22-24)  HOLD switch (on the back of the CD player) ( page 18)   OPEN switch ( page 11, 16)   (group) +/– buttons ( page 17)   CD Player: VOL (Volume) +/– buttons ( pa

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Remote display q h qj qk ql w ; wa ws wd  Disc indicator ( page 16)   Character information display ( page 19)   Play mode indicator ( page 21-23)   Sound indicator ( page 24)   Battery indicator ( page 11, 14)   Group indicator ( page 21, 22)   Play list indicator ( page 21, 22)   Bookmark indicator ( page 21, 22)  10 D-NE20/NE20LS.GB.2-318-320-11(1)

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Getting Started Connect the AC power adaptor to 4 Preparing a Power the supplied charging stand. Then Source (Rechargeable insert the player into the charging stand. Battery) The OPR lamp on the CD player flashes, Charge the rechargeable battery before using then lights up. it for the first time or when it is depleted. When the remote is connected, To maintain the original battery capacity “Charging” flashes and the indicator longer, charge the battery only when it is sections of (batt

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Notes To charge the rechargeable battery without using the supplied charging stand • Do not charge any rechargeable battery other than an NH-14WM (supplied) using this charging /CHG stand. OPR lamp • If you press  during charging, charging stops and playback of the CD starts. • If you insert the player into the charging stand during playback, play stops and charging starts. • During charging, the player and the rechargeable battery become hot. This poses no danger. • Insert the player

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Getting Started Note on the useful life of the rechargeable When using a dry battery battery and when to replace it You can extend the power available by using If the battery is new or has not been used for a a dry battery, together with a rechargeable long time, it may not charge completely. battery by attaching the external battery case. In that case, charge it until the OPR lamp The battery in the player and that in goes off and then use the player until the external battery case are

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1) Battery life Attach the battery case to the player 3 securely and fasten the screw in the When using one NH-14WM rechargeable direction of LOCK. 2) battery (charged for about 5 hours ) G-PROTECTION “1” “2” 18 17 Audio CD 3) 40 40 ATRAC CD 4) 22 22 MP3 CD When using the external battery case (one 5) alkaline battery ) G-PROTECTION “1” “2” Note 30 27 Audio CD If the cover on the external battery case is slid in the 3) 60 60 ATRAC CD direction of during play, playback may stop.  4) 3

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Getting Started Notes on rechargeable batteries and dry Connect the AC power adaptor to 1 batteries the charging stand. • Do not charge dry batteries. • Do not throw the batteries into a fire. Insert the player into the charging 2 • Do not carry batteries in a pocket, etc. with coins stand. or other metallic objects. The battery can generate heat if its positive and negative terminals are Make sure that the OPR lamp flashes, then accidentally allowed to come into contact with a lights u

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Playback Adjust the volume by turning the 4 Playing a CD VOL +/– control on the remote. Squeeze the OPEN switch from both 1 sides to open the player lid. VOL +/– control Connect the headphones/earphones with the remote to the player beforehand. On the CD player After placing the CD on the tray in step 2, press  and adjust the volume by pressing VOL +/–. to  (headphones) OPEN switch Headphones/earphones with the remote  Place the CD on the tray and close 2 the lid. VOL +/– To remove

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Playback Basic playback operations (Play, stop, search) Remote Operation dial , /   button  button To Operation on the remote (Operation on the player is in parentheses) Play Play from the first From stop, press and hold  until playback starts. (From stop, press track and hold  until playback starts.) Stop Pause/Resume play Press . (Press .) after pausing Stop playback Press  (stop). (Press /CHG.) Search Find the beginning of Turn the operation dial toward  once. 1) the curren

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Locking the controls Searching for Your (HOLD) You can prevent accidental button presses Favorite Track/File while carrying the player by locking the controls. The OPR lamp flashes if you press Searching by viewing a list any button when the HOLD function on the of groups/files (List View) player is activated. You can search for a track/file by checking the format type of the music source and the Slide the HOLD switch on the 1 names of groups and files. remote or on the player (on the ba

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Playback Audio CD Checking CD information  Track number, elapsed playing time on the display 1) (Track name, artist name) You can check CD information on the display of the remote. Depending on the region in which you  Total number of the files on the CD, purchased your CD player, the default 1) time remaining on the CD (Album name) language may not be “ENGLISH.” Change the LANGUAGE setting, if necessary (  page 27).  When you are playing an MP3 CD containing Animat

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Changing Playback Options (PLAY MODE) You can use various playback options such as selecting songs you want to listen to, and playing songs in your favorite order. For details about playback options, see page 21.  You can also play songs repeatedly using the playback options you choose (repeat play, page 23).  Align Function button Function dial During play, turn the function dial 1 on the remote to select P MODE/ and press the function button repeatedly to select a playback optio

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