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When is the St Lucia Carnival 2023?

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What is technically considered the ‘real’carnivalis the two days when theParade of the Bands, Road Marchcompetition andPanorama Steelpan Competitiontake place. This year what is considered the ‘real’ carnival will take place onJuly 12th to July 19th, 2023. So, if you want to be in St. Luciafor the ‘maincarnivalevents’ then plan your holiday around those days.

But in the month and weeks leading up to carnival there are loads of carnival events, fetes and non-stop partying! The biggest festivities take place in the days prior to the parades.

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Where is the St Lucia Carnival?

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Saint Lucia is a Caribbean Island located in the Eastern Caribbean Sea, in the West Indies. It is a sovereign island country on the boundary with the Atlantic Ocean. St Lucia Carnival generally takes place on the island’s capital Castries, and in its surroundings area like Gros Islet. Exact locations vary according to where different themed parties take place but Reduit Beach, Rodney Bay Marina and Pigeon Island, host a lot of the action.

What is carnival in St Lucia?

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St Lucia Carnival previously known as the Lucian Carnival is a lively and vibrant celebration of St Lucia’s rich culture and heritage! This celebration evolved from the islands unique mix of Catholic, Caribbean and African heritage. St Lucia Carnival is when you can experience local culture and its loudest, brightest, rawest and purest!

It is the largest and most important cultural event in Saint Lucia with over 5000 costumed revelers taking part. As well as 30,000 spectators and a television audience of over 60,000. St Lucia transforms into a massive party.

Saint Lucia Carnival is something to behold. The island is filled with the sound of drums, calypso, soca, reggae, banjos, feathers, glitter, beads, sequins and happy people dancing under the sun! Whether you join in the procession or just spectate from the sidelines you are guaranteed to have an amazing time!The celebration was originally held before the start of Lent but was moved to summer so it wouldn’t compete with Trinidad & Tobago Carnival.

How do they celebrate St Lucia Carnival?

Carnival in St Lucia is an vibrant event that can be described as one monumental party! During and in the lead up to carnival there are parties happening everywhere. Events range from fish fries to jump ups, to rich cultural celebrations and vibrant music festivals. You get to learn all about local culture and heritage, all while having the absolute time of your life!

Carnival is celebrated with lively colorful parades, elaborate costumes, wild fetes, pageants, conga lines, non-stop dancing, mouth-watering street food, awesome entertainment, nightly costumes and free-flowing rum!

St Lucia Carnival Events 2023

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St Lucian Fetes 2023

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There are also lots ofSt Lucia Carnival Partiesthat occur during the and in the lead up to the carnival, which are known asfetes.Fetesstart about a month beforethe Grand Parade. The Fetesfeatures manyCaribbean musicartists andsteelpanandsoca bands who put on live performances. Please check out the poster below to see all the private parties that will take place this year.

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What is the history of St. Lucia Carnival?

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Like numerous other Caribbean Islands, St Lucia Carnival was the result of the Afro-European influence in the region. The celebrations were traditionally held before Lent, which was meant to be a period of feasting and celebrating before the onset of Catholic Lent, a time of sacrifice.

In 1999 it was moved to summer to avoid competing with much larger Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. St Lucia’s carnival continues to get more popular with every passing year, attracting visitors from around the world!

St Lucia Parade of the Bands

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What is playing mas? If you are not familiar with celebrating Caribbean Carnival, you can either be a spectator and watch theparades, or you can join in! When you choose to join in it is calledplaying mas! The Bands compete against each other to win the title off best Mas Band.

5000 costumed revelers will compete in the St Lucia Parades. It is a colorful, vibrant and energetic spectacle. Themasqueradesare dressed in the most colorfulcostumesthat are adorned with feathers, jewels, headdresses and wings. Thesocapumps loud and everyone dances the day away.

If you want toplay masyou have to join amasquerade band.If you want to have the ultimate Caribbean Carnival experience, we suggest that you play mas! Carnival Monday is the day that you wear your carnival costume and on Carnival Tuesday you can wear whatever you like when marching!

St Lucia Carnival Bands!

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How to choose a Mad Band for St Lucia Carnival? That’s a difficult decision because you have so many good options. Maybe you will select your bandbased on theircostumesas they all pick a theme and design their costumes around that theme. So, you may just fall in love with some of the costumes.

Obviously, money can be a big factor when choosing which mas band to choose. So check them out and do some research to find out which mas band you think will enhance your carnival experience!

  1. Just 4 Fun Carnival Band will have selected “Phobeia” as their theme. Check them out https://just4funcarnival.com/
  2. Xuvo Carnival have selected “her Majesty” as their theme. Check them out here http://xuvocarnival.com/
  3. Legends Carnival have selected “Veni Vidi Vici” as their theme. Check them out here http://legends-carnival.com/
  4. Asari Tribe have selected “Les Perdus” as their theme. Check them out here https://www.asaricarnival.com/costumes
  5. Taboo Carnival have selected “Wu Zing” as their theme.
  6. Fuzion Mas have selected “butterfly effect” as their theme. Check them out here http://www.fuzionmas.com/
  7. Red Unlimited have selected “Persia” as their theme. Check them out here http://redunlimited.net/
  8. Island Tribe selected “big bang” as their theme. Check them out here http://www.islandtribeslu.com/

St Lucia Pre-Opening Fest

In the lead up to the parades there are loads of carnival celebrations and festivities occurring. There are lots of evening concerts to enjoy but one of the most highly anticipated carnival pre-parties is the a huge street party called “Color Me Red”. It is a public street party and everyone must wear red!

St Lucia Carnival J’ouvert

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The carnival action in St Lucia officially begins with J’ouvert which is the opening street party, that begins before dawn! Yes, it actually does, in fact the word J’ouvert stems from the French word for day break. It is a spontaneous celebration where carnival-goers get covered head to toe in mud, body paint, powder or foam. There are loads of fun, dancing and music in true St Lucian style!


Music is at the heart and soul of St Lucia Carnival! During Carnival Soca, Calypso and Steelpan music reign supreme. Local Artists will create awesome musical tracks just for carnival. St Lucia Carnival music is varied and apart from soca you will hear reggae, zouk, bouon, Afrobeats and soukous.

St Lucia Carnival Tips!

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  • Learn to wine! Winingis a local term that refers to a style of dance. This dance move is a rotational swaying of the hips. Have a look on YouTube if you are unfamiliar or want to learn how, because people will be wining all over carnival.
  • Leave your valuables at home and just bring cash, but bring enough cash to pay for food and drinks throughout the day as you won’t be able to use cards anywhere.
  • Stay Hydrated! Because it is hot and you will be dancing the day away under the Caribbean sun which can create a bad scenario when combined with alcohol consumption.
  • Wear light clothing because the weather will often have heavy but short-lived downpours and you want to dry off quickly!
  • Where good comfortable shoes! Because you will be on your feet all day!
  • Arrive early to find a good spot along the parade route to watch the Parade of the Bands, as there will be big crowds.
  • For the Carnival Pageant head to the area in front of the Castries craft market

How to get to St Lucia

There are two airportsin Saint Lucia. Hewanorra International Airport (UVF) is located in Vieux Fort, which is about 40 miles south of Castries, the capital city of St Lucia. George F.L. Charles Airport is a smaller inter-island airport that is located just outside Castries.


How to get around St Lucia

We recommend taking a taxi because driving on St. Lucia’s unmarked, bad roads is quite challenging! You can rent a car but it is for the most adventurous.

Taxis drivers receive special training that allows them to also serve as guides so you can enjoy your taxi ride!Taxis are unmetered but the government has fixed tariffs for all standard trips, so ask how much before you ride and what currency they accept US or Eastern Caribbean Dollars.

Where to stay in St. Lucia

St Lucia is known for having some of the best hotel and resorts in the Caribbean. So of-course that means that a lot of the accommodation is quite expensive, but you do have accommodation catering for all budgets and levels of comfort!

St Lucia Carnival mainly takes place near the Rodney Bay/Gros Islet area of the island. Around 80% of the events taking place at Pigeon Pint.

Check out some of the best offers on accommodation for your visit to St Lucia, or anywhere in the world, here.

What to do and see in St Lucia

St Lucia is a little piece of paradise! It is blessed with incredible nature, geographic and cultural riches! The island has stunning dramatic scenery most recognized by the island’s twin Pitons – the seaside mountains. It also has a simmering volcano and lush rainforest. St Lucia is home to the most down to earth place, friendly and hospitable locals.

You must visit Rodney Bay which is a beautiful bay in the North. In the South visit Soufriere which is a gorgeous region of old plantations, hidden beaches, and the geographic wonder of the photogenic Pitons.

Top things to do and see in St Lucia

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