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Versatile Private Event Space

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  • Toronto, ON


Corner Cafe

  • $95/hr
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  • Instant book
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  • Long Beach, CA

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Chris V.

$ 400

4 hours

(Video) Top Local Places to Eat Breakfast and Brunch in San Francisco

30 people

3 months ago

The staff was attentive and professional. The ordering system was a bit confusing but it made sense to the wait staff and it worked for them.

M J.

$ 1000

5 hours

15 people

a year ago

The pictures don’t lie, It’s actually even more beautiful in person. The host and events manager were both wonderful. Very kind and quick to answer any questions.

Caroline C.

$ 500

5 hours

30 people

a month ago

Lana is very kind, accommodating, and quick to respond to any questions you may have. I had a private birthday party with live music, and Mark the soundman was very helpful. Everyone that works there is very lovely, and I am so happy that I had my birthday there. Thank you so much!

Stephanie S.

(Video) These Are Hands Down The Best Breakfast Spots In Every State

$ 1143

7 hours

45 people

2 months ago

We had a great time at Paulina's space! Rebecca and Paulina were wonderful hosts that really helped make our night memorable for everyone. They were kind, helpful and accommodating to our needs and I'd recommend the space to anyone wanting to throw an event in their cozy cafe!

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About Brunches

Wedding showers, product launches, bridal showers, and a host of other social as well as corporate events have embraced the concept of brunch parties. Brunch usually falls between normal breakfast hours and runs through to lunch.

A brunch party suits diverse occasions that require a relaxed and casual atmosphere. For instance, it typically works for Mother's Day celebrations and networking events. That's not to say that you can't host a fancy brunch party for a more formal function, just that the time frame best favors laidback and stress-free events. Whether you envision hosting a garden shindig or a pajama party, choosing a fun theme heightens the fun factor and contributes to the overall success of a brunch gathering.

The process starts with locking down the perfect location for the occasion. Consider these selections of suitable brunch spaces across different cities.

The Best Brunch Venues

Perhaps you are organizing a bridal shower, fashion show, or business mixer; there's a lot of planning involved when organizing a brunch party. Half the work is sorted out by locking down the right brunch venue, and here are a few location ideas to explore.

  • Restaurants and Cafes
    Restaurants and cafes come with dining tables, chairs, booths, bar nooks, and kitchens. Each location varies in terms of the amenities and services provided but most give you the room to customize them for your specific event. They are great breakfast spaces for occasions with a sizable guest count.
  • Social Clubs and Cocktail Bars
    Social clubs and cocktail bars work for events like mixers, get-togethers, and reunions. Most of these venues are also furnished and include a kitchen. They provide a casual atmosphere making them great breakfast spaces for laidback occasions that focus on serving drinks and cocktail bitings.
  • Commercial Kitchen
    Activity-based celebrations are also in trend because they encourage guests to get hands-on and stay preoccupied in creative ways throughout the occasion. If you are hosting a cooking-themed brunch, then a commercial kitchen space is the best venue for your event. They also work for food-related product demos and launches.
  • Showrooms and Refined Commercial Spaces
    Showrooms and refined commercial spaces favor occasions that require lots of square footage as well as the flexibility to transform them into event-ideal locations. They work for chef dinners, receptions, product launches, fashion shows, and other unique events along the same lines. Options could be to rent a flexible showroom in the heart of a trendy city for your upcoming brunch event.

What to Look for in Brunch Spaces

The reason why you are hosting a brunch party determines the choices you'll make when organizing the occasion. Aspects like the number of guests expected, the date of the event, and food preferences guide the brunch venue selection and overall planning process.

  • Space
    Any gathering, whether social or corporate, presents an opportunity for guests to network. The brunch room should provide enough space to accommodate everyone while also allowing people to freely move around and mingle. At the same time, you don't want to go for a larger space than needed when hosting a small/intimate gathering.
  • Food
    Happy people are a clear indication that folks are having fun at an event. Serving good food at any gathering is one of the aspects of maintaining a happy crowd. It helps to settle for a brunch venue with kitchen service or at the very least provides catering in-house services.
  • Ambiance
    A brunch party should be more refreshing than the best cup of joe, and you can create the right ambiance for your event. An outdoor brunch needs more dressing up than an indoor event. You'll have an easier time settling for a venue that offers decorating services as a package deal.
  • Layout
    Going back to the aspect about brunch parties doubling up as networking events; you want the room layout to encourage folks to freely mingle. Go for a flexible brunch space with coffee bar stations where folks can chat as they sip the cups of joe alongside tables/booths for those who want to dine in style.
  • Services and Amenities
    A brunch location that provides added services like place settings, customized menus, and entertainment services works as an added perk. It often ends up being more economical than outsourcing these services and it's also an added benefit to access amenities like on-site parking.

Brunch Inspiration

With a brunch venue locked down, you might be wondering how to make it work for your event. Perhaps it's the inverse case and you are wondering what type of brunch location will suit your particular occasion. Here are some brunch space inspirations that should give you ideas.

(Video) 10 Cheap and Easy Breakfast Ideas | You Can Cook That |

  • A Fancy Ballroom Brunch
    Give your brunch a fancy twist by making it a black-tie affair hosted at a ballroom. It favors fundraisers, galas, wedding showers, and other events that require a fancy flair. If anything, your guests will talk about the unique brunch idea for years.
  • Potluck Brunch at a Garden
    Mix things up and ask your guests to present their best brunch recipes. The whole idea is to come up with unique brunch traditions, particularly for a recurring occasion. Crown it by hosting brunch at a picturesque garden venue.
  • Pajama Party at a Log Cabin
    Round up your bridal party for a mini-getaway to a relaxing log cabin. The best part of it is waking up the next morning to enjoy a pajama-themed brunch bridal shower, as an example. Throw in a fantastic breakfast including staples like waffles, chicken, bacon, and hotcakes to make it a truly unforgettable feast.
  • A New York-themed Brunch at a Cafe
    New York is known for a lot of things including its brunch scene. Use the Big Apple as inspiration to host a brunch at a New York-esque cafe. You could equally go for a New York-theme with a menu that includes some of the city’s favorites like bagels and bottomless mimosas.
  • Brunch on a Boat
    A nautical brunch experience is bound to leave you and your guests with refreshingly lasting memories. If you are worried about things taking a turn and the occasion becoming a sea-sick affair, the perfect go-between is hosting the brunch on a houseboat or oceanside residence.


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